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FCC Information

It is the policy of Fmtron, that knowing and observing the lawful use of all kits is a first responsibility of our kit user/builders. We do not endorse any unlawful use of any of our kits, and we try to give you as much common sense help about normal and lawful use as we can.


For additional FCC information, go to  the FCC Home Page

[FMP-30F]: 30W PLL Professional RDS FM transmitter 76-108Mhz
FMP-30F; 30W PLL Professional RDS FM transmitter 76-108Mhz, $689
Package: FMP-30F X1
Frequency setting range: 76 ~ 108Mhz
Frequency tuning Step : 100kHz
Frequency stability: ± 10ppm (-10 C +50 ° C)
Modulation Type: ± 75kHz wideband FM
Work: Continuous work
Antenna Impedance: 50Ω
Antenna Interface: BNC/SL16
Transmit power: 30W
Clutter and harmonic: ≤-60dB
Modulation frequency offset: ≤ ± 75kHz (100%)
Modulation sensitivity: 0.75V
Microphone Sensitivity: 1mV
Audio frequency response: 60 ~ 16000Hz
Audio distortion: ≤ 1% (F = 75KHz, f = 1KHz)
SNR: ≥ 70dB (1KHz 100%)
Stereo Separation: ≥-60dB (100 ~ 15000Hz)
Power consumption: 2200mA ~ 2600mA
(12V ~ 13.8V)




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