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FCC Information

It is the policy of Fmtron, that knowing and observing the lawful use of all kits is a first responsibility of our kit user/builders. We do not endorse any unlawful use of any of our kits, and we try to give you as much common sense help about normal and lawful use as we can.


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[FMZ-3KW]: 3KW FM Professional Transmitter
professional FM stereo transmitter,digital exciter used,AES/EBU input directly,micro strip combiner,high efficient & reliability $
Package: FMZ-3KW X1

FMZ-3KW FM Transmitter

●Innovative digital fm stereo transmitter for professional radio station
●Input audio: Analog and digital (AES/EBU), changeover automatically
●8-inch Color LCD with touch panel displays all the parameters in real time
●RS232/485 communication with PC
●High performance and low price

Technical Specifications:
1.    Output RF power:                        3KW
2.    Frequency range:                          87.5~108MHz(other frequency can be ordered)
3.    Analog input resistance:                 600ohm, balance
4.    Digital input resistance:                  110ohm, balance
5.    Output RF connector:                   7/8'(female) 
6.    Carrier frequency precision:          ±200Hz
7.    Harmonic suppression:                  70dB
8.    Parasitic amplitude modulation:     -60 dB
9.    Modulation frequency deviation:    75kHz; 100%modulation
10.  Audio pre-emphasis:                     0; 50us; 75us
11.  Level difference of right and left:    0.01 dB; 100%modulation;
12.  Signal-to-Noise:                           75dB; Type1kHz, 100%modulation;
13.  Audio response:                            0.05dB, 10Hz~15000MHz
14.  Distortion:                                     0.1%, 30 Hz ~15KHz
15.  Stereo FM transmitter Separation: 55dB, 30Hz~15KHz
16.  Pilot frequency:                             19kHz

3kw transmitter




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