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FCC Information

It is the policy of Fmtron, that knowing and observing the lawful use of all kits is a first responsibility of our kit user/builders. We do not endorse any unlawful use of any of our kits, and we try to give you as much common sense help about normal and lawful use as we can.


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[CZH-5AV]: Vehicle Mobile 5W FM stereo PLL broadcast transmitter
CZH-5AV Vehicle Mobile 5W FM stereo PLL broadcast transmitter, Good For Show, Special Event, Outing, Church, Home and Professional Applications. $159
Package: CZH-5AV x1, Power Adapter x1, Audio Cable, 50w Megantic mobil antenna x1, Car DC 12v adapter x1


- This is a Professional FM GP Antenna, which can be used to make your FM transmitter, Broadcast more far without much money!
- Use this antenna , you can easily build your own FM radio station.
- It is also the design of anti-rain and lightness. It is very sure that this antenna is your best choice for your FM transmitter.
- which can easily adjust the accuracy frequency for fix your FM transmitter.
- Whole aluminum materials.
- Exquisite craftsmanship.
- A high degree of anti-aging and durable!
- Superior quality!
- Compatible with all our transmitters!
- Highly recommended!
- It is always worth to spend a little more money
- on a superior performance antenna!

Technical Specification
- Gain: 3dbi
- Impedance: 50 Ohm
- frequency: 90MHz(BANDWIDTH 88-92MHz), 94MHz(BANDWIDTH 92-96MHz), 98MHz(BANDWIDTH 96-100MHz), 102MHz(BANDWIDTH 100-104MHz), 106Mhz(BANDWIDTH 104-108MHz)
(Five main elements are available for use according to your operating frequency)
- Connector: N Type
- Maximum power: 100W
- Loss (feeder): 0.6dbm (98MHZ)
- Shipping weight: 1.5kg

Item Package includes
-Antenna x1
-50 Ohm RG-58 Cable(8 Meter) x1




Shipping charge is included to U.S.A. continental