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[FMT-1000W]: 1000w, 1kw Professional FM Stereo Boradcast Transmitter
FMT-1000w is the highest reliability of solid-state wideband FM transmitter & actuators. Standard FM radio frequency band 87-108MHz, 100KHz frequency step, RF output power continuously adjustable from 0 to 1000 watts. It uses the world's most advanced Professional radio power tubeMRFE6VP61K25H. It has a very high standing wave ratio 65:1, and it has a 26db gain, and 80% efficiency. It is completely beyond all the same level of product market $3198
Package: FMT-1000w x1

0-1000w Professional Transmitter Features:

- Standard 19 inches, 2U whole aluminum case.
- Exquisite craftsmanship.
- Particular materials, such as whole aluminum adjusting knob.
- Wiredrawing and oxidation makes surface bright, clean and elegant.
- Professional radio power tube MRFE6VP61K25H.
- LCD displays working frequency, volume, FETMOS temperature, forward power, reflected power.
- Provided with the series of protection function, own active protection and raise alarm prompts once meet any trouble while working.
- Accurate operating index and perfect protection measures make you are more aware of the operating status of your machine.
- Easily installation and simply operations.
- High quality and excellent technical performances.
- Each machine has been examined strictly by a series of quality inspection and function test to guarantee best operating function.


  - RF Output Power: 0 to 1000 Watt, 1W/Step
- Frequency range: 87.5-108 Mhz, 100Khz/Step
- AC power source: AC100 - 240V ±10% ,50-60Hz, single phase
- Frequency Stability: better than ±100Hz
- S/N Ratio: More than 60dB
- Distortion: less than 0.1%
- Modulation: FM,±75KHz peak deviation
- Transmission Signal: FM Stereo or Mono
- Tuning Design: Stable PLL Technology
- Harmonic suppression: < -65dBC
- Stereo Separation: More than 50db
- RF Output Connector:  L29 (DIN 7/16) -female
- RF Output Impedance: 50 ohm
- Audio channel Frequency Response: 50 - 15000Hz ±0.15dB
- Audio Input Level: -15db, Max -30db
- Audio Input Connector: XLR type
- AUX Input Connector: BNC type -female
- Operating temperature range: -10 to 45 ℃
- Size of Transmitter Unit: 483mm * 400mm * 88mm (19" Standard 2U case)
- Shipping Weight: 12Kg




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