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[JA-15K]: J Pole 300w, 500w, 600w, 1000w, 1500w Professional FM Antenna 88-108Mhz
J Pole 300w, 500w,600w, 1000w, 1500w Professional FM 1/2 wavelength Antenna 88-108Mhz for your FM professional transmitter from 300w to 1500w applications $299
Package: Jpole antenna set x1


  1. High POWER handling - 1500 WATTS!
  2. More "Gain" than a standard ground plane antenna. 3db more!
  3. High wind rating of 70MPH
  4. By far, the easiest antenna to put together and install. We guarantee you can literally pull this antenna out of the box and put it together in under 1 MINUTE!
  5. Mounts almost ANYWHERE
  6. NO adjusting


  • 1/2 wave antenna
  • 500w, 1000w, 1500 watts!
  • SO - 239 connector - 50 OHMS
  • 70MPH wind rating (We've had one that was only slightly bent in 80MPH winds)
  • Bandwidth of 6 MHZ
  • Low angle of radiation, sends the signal more to the horizon which is where you want it
  • Esthetically pleasing to the eye, no ground radials
  • Comes pre-tuned to frequency you set.
  • Less static noise and static charge build up
  • DC grounded which means it's mounting options are left to the imagination. Mount it to a pipe, a car, a balcony, a 2x4, almost ANYWHERE!
  • Breaks down into 2 sections for easy transport
  • 1 YEAR parts warranty
  • All antennas are pre-tuned and checked on our MFJ antenna analyzer to ensure quality and performance
  • Comes with antenna, 2 stainless steel hose clamps for mounting, and instructions
  • Antenna can be painted any color user desires, we can ship either bare copper / primer gray / white / or black


These are custom tailored antennas to the frequency desired. When ordering you MUST specify the frequency YOU want the antenna tuned for. ALSO specify COLOR of paint for antenna. ( bare copper / primer gray / white / black )

J-Pole antenna was not refundable due to special cusomerized made




Shipping charge is included to U.S.A. continental